Mar 25, 2010

SharePoint Workflow and Warmup Scripts

SharePoint Workflow creates task in the associated task list, once it's been initated and thereafter to have the status available for endusers . Can also do custom work like updating a custom database table, sending emails and so on.

We had a scenario, where the first user every day faces the issue caused because of the workflow taking long time to update the custom database.

The Application pool for the SharePoint Web Application gets recycled on nightly basis. So, the caching is not there any more and we need to warmup the SharePoint Workflow Engine.

Create a custom aspx page and initate a workflow on calling the aspx page which will try to start the workflow and eventually fail. This way we will atleast warmup the SharePoint Workflow Engine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for great post. Could you please break it down a little bite more me how to initiate a workflow to call the custom aspx page?
Many thanks